Make Your Property Pest-Free All-Yearlong With Arrow Pest Control

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Pests are not only a nuisance but a threat to the quality of life as they spread pathogens, transmit harmful diseases, and cause significant damage to property. Wood-eating, stinging, chewing, and biting pests like ants, cockroaches, mice, and termites are associated with high-risk to health and property as they are hard to remove. Only a professional pest exterminator can fully understand the nature and survival tactics of pests and eliminate them from the core.

Arrow Pest Control provides comprehensive integrated pest management services to protect your property through award-winning pest control, giving you a completely pest-free environment all year long.

Arrow’s pest control treatment gives you complete protection, peace of mind knowing pests will not come back soon. All treatments are effective and eco-friendly as well!

Arrow Pest Control- Protecting your Home Since 1964

Arrow Pest Control is a family operated and owned pest control company that serves southern states of the USA. Founded in 1964, Arrow has been providing great quality pest management services to families ever since are led by the third generation today. With 129 service centers function in 12 states, the company is the 6th largest pest control firm in the U.S., and 2nd largest privately owned.

Arrow Pest Control is famous for its expert technicians’’ professionalism and effectiveness and has achieved several honors for its excellent customer services and business practices, such as GreenPro certification from the National Pest Control Association. Arrow’s Termite Control is its most famous service, which has a reputation for effectiveness.

Arrow Pest Control Services and Features

Arrow Pest control is a full-service company specializing in Termite Control, Pest Control, Mosquito Prevention, and Control, Wildlife Control and Exclusion Services, Fire Ant Control, Handyman Services, New Construction Treatments, Insulation Services, and documentation service for Real Estate Transactions. These services are available for both residential and commercial situations.

Pest Control

Arrow Pest Control provides protection against a long list of household pests, including:

RodentsAntsHouse Crickets
BedbugsMosquitoesWildlife (raccoons, birds, squirrels, etc.)

Free Inspections

All treatments of Arrow Pest control starts with a free property inspection to identify all affected areas, food and water sources and enter points of pests. Based on inspection results, the Arrow technician creates a customized treatment plan for every customer that meets their unique requirements.

The STEPS program

Free property inspection is the part of Arrow’s STEPS program, an all-encompassing method deigned to treat pest problems in the least harmful effect on health and earth. The STEPS program includes three-steps, including targeting the root cause of pests, inspecting the property, and treating with more environmentally-friendly substances

Termite Bonds

Only a few pest control companies offer termite bonds, but Arroe Pest Control provides regular termite control under a bond program that includes property inspection, effective elimination, and regular inspection after treatment.  These bonds can be transferred along with ownership of property as an extra selling point.


Arrow Pest Control offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee means technicians will keep returning until the problem is solved or the customer is fully satisfied with the service’s result. This guarantee period lasts for 30 days after the initial treatment. This also includes money-back promise or free re-treatments.

Eco-Friendly Treatments

Arrow Pest Control is GreenPro Certified. This certification is given by the National Pest Management Association. It is one of the largest and most credible certification honors for pest control firms in the United States.

Why Choose Arrow Pest Control?