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Removing termites from your property with DIY anti-termite products might not be the best idea to deal with an infestation. Termites are one of the most destructive pests that can do significant damage to wooden structures, furniture, and even the integral structure of the building. Be it an old house, new building, construction sites, or commercial places, all of them are at risk of termite infestation.

Yes, these wood-eating pests are a part of wildlife but due to human activities or contaminated wood products, they can enter in most unexpected areas as well. Termites are also called as ‘silent destroyers’ means they can eat wood, flooring and even cardboard boxes unnoticed. So, when the first signs appear, they already damaged the structure very badly.

So, if you notice the first signs of infestation, there will be a high chance that the issue is already very serious. Hiring a professional Termite Exterminator is the best way to remove these pests from your property. However, it’s very important to select a good and reliable pest control company like Arrow Pest Control for effective and long-lasting solutions.

Protecting your house from Termites Since 1964- Arrow Pest Control

Founded in 1964, by Starkey Thomas, Arrow Pest Control has established itself as a leading company in the United States. It is the 2nd largest privately owned and 6th largest pest control company in the country. Arrow remains a family-owned business today and operates with 128 service centers in 12 states. The company has always been famous for its finest quality pest control and termite protection services.

Arrow Pest Control is a GreenPro certified and believes in offering services to residential and commercial property owners in the most eco-friendly way. To provide 100% satisfaction to the customer, the company continually improve the professional knowledge and efficiency of their Pest Control Professionals and Termite Exterminator.

Services offered by Arrow Pest Control

Arrow is a full-service pest control company specialized in Pest Control, Mosquito Prevention and Control, Termite Control, Wildlife Control, Fire Ant Control, Handyman Services, New Construction Treatments Insulation Services, and documentation service for Real Estate Transactions. The company offers these services for both residential and commercial property owners.

Arrow is famous for its ‘Beyond the call’ nature and committed to protecting the health and property of the customer without damaging the environment. The company is huge enough to offer a range of pest control services at affordable rates and small enough to understand the requirements of each customer. 

Termite Control & Prevention Services

One of the most famous services of Arrow pest Control is high-quality Termite Control solutions.

Free Initial Inspection

Every year, termites cause billions of dollars in damage that don’t cover by home insurance. Termite invasion is property is common in every American state except cold state Alaska; they are very common in the Southern regions. It’s very hard to notice termites until the clear damage signs appear. A throughout inspection of the property by certified Termite Exterminator is the first step of Arrow termite control and prevention service.

Professional Termite Exterminator will inspect the property inside-out to identity every current or possible termite problem and make a customized plan to meet them all needs of the customers.

Termite Bonds

Not every company offers termites bonds but Arrow happily special termite bonds program that includes; free property inspection and better services as well as regular visits subsequently. These termite bonds can be transferred as well with the property owner as an additional selling point.

STEPS- Sustainable Pest Control

Arrow Pest Control offers the finest quality termite control services through its STEPS Total Protection System. This unique protection system was introduced in 2009. It represents the commitment of the company to provide the best eco-friendly pest management services. STEPS utilizes the decade of Arrow expertise in Integrated Pest Management for termite control combined with advanced technology to offer the best termite protection.

To maintain high-standard, Arrow a strict procedure of selects only the best Termite Exterminator to do the job.


A vital part of the STEPS program, the Sentricon System is the most advanced termite control system in the world. Sentricon systems are used to protect the Statue of Liberty the White House, and other national monuments and Arrow Pest Control is the top provider of this advanced system in the world.

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